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Connecticut Health Care Associates (CHCA) is a labor union. This professional organization was established August 25, 1976 by leaders of local bargaining units of the Connecticut Nurses Association. The formation of the new union was triggered by the increasing need felt by Registered Nurses to take control of their professions. They wanted to be treated with Respect, they wanted to speak with one Unified Voice, and they wanted to be Part of Every Decision made that affected the work they did. These courageous health care professionals also demanded a good pension plan, better
wages, better benefits and better working conditions.

CHCA is affiliated with the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees (NUHHCE), the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), and the AFL-CIO. Nationally there are over 1.2 million members including
360,000 health care employees, over 10,000 of whom are doctors and dentists, and 76,000 of whom are nurses.

Currently, CHCA represents nearly 2000 health care professionals. Members of CHCA include nurses, laboratory technologists, social workers, dental hygienists, nuclear medicine technologists and allied hospital staff. Members of CHCA provide quality direct care and keep a number of medical and psychiatric facilities running in a safe and professional way. 

A health care union dedicated to:

  • Protecting & Promoting Quality Care
  • Advocating for Patients Rights
  • The Advancement of Health Care Workers


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